Train, recover and rehabilitate the Cuzzie way. An authentic, holistic approach to health, wellness and performance.


Our Beginning

Cuzzie Performance is the brain child of six young entrepreneurs united in their passion for health, wellness and performance. Sisters, Kathleen and Clare, their husbands Alex and James, brother Andrew, and cousin Liam (hence the name Cuzzie) founded Cuzzie Performance in late 2016. Each with backgrounds in elite sport, the Cuzzie Crew set about creating a space that combined their individual expertise in physiotherapy, clinical Pilates, sports performance, fitness and raw foods. Situated in Rowville, the Cuzzie Crew wanted to bring the very best in high performance to the suburbs where they were born and raised. Cuzzie focuses on creating an environment that is welcoming, fun and professional. The Cuzzie Crew are literally family, and they treat their clients like family too. Cuzzie gets to know you and ensures you get the very best out of yourself every time you walk through our doors. If you don't leave Cuzzie happy, then you haven't taken one of our delicious Raw Mars Bars with you! 


“Today I went to a high performance training facility...and I am definitely not a high performing athlete! I am a mum who has the weakest core strength ever. But you know what...I was guided and shown the correct way to do things. Not to mention supported by the most passionate and professional group of people. Thanks Cuzzie Performance for being patient with me.”



Cuzzie offers a range of services including physiotherapy, HIIT training, 1:1 performance coaching, clinical Pilates, Raw Food Workshops, small group training and boxing.

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