Cuzzie Performance offers you a range of services that enable you to train, recover and rehabilitate like an elite athlete.

We are bringing high performance training, medical and nutritional solutions to the burbs.

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Our services include:


If you are suffering from pain or injury we recommend booking in to see our physiotherapist to help with a speedy recovery. Physiotherapists can ensure that your injury is correctly diagnosed and can tailor an appropriate management plan to suit your needs. Our physiotherapist at Cuzzie has special expertise in managing sports injuries, and can ensure your rehabilitation involves the best current treatment methods. Treatments may involve hands on techniques such as massage or joint mobilization, dry needling, taping, muscle activation, education and exercise prescription.
As well as injury rehabilitation, physiotherapists can help with injury prevention by conducting a biomechanical sports specific screening and providing you with a preventative exercise program.

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is an effective way to rehabilitate injury and exercise safely under the supervision of a physiotherapist. Initial assessments are 45mins and include a full injury history and biomechanical assessment by our physiotherapist. Based on these assessment findings, a Pilates program can be specifically individualized for your needs. Follow up 1:1 sessions are completed with your physiotherapist to ensure you learn optimal exercise technique. Once you have established an understanding of your exercises, you can progress into our small group Clinical Pilates classes (maximum 4 people). These classes allow you to complete your individualized program under the guidance of your physiotherapist. As your goals change, and your strength and control progresses, we are happy to update your program to ensure continued improvement.

HIIT Circuit

High intensity group circuit training. Circuits will have varied exercises and structure each time and will be tailored to your level of fitness.

1 on 1 Performance Coaching

A 1 on 1 consultation/training session with our athletic performance coach. You will have a tailored program written up for you after the initial consultation. Follow-up sessions will involve supervised coaching. Great for those that want to improve their strength, power, speed, agility, general fitness or any particular element of their performance. This option is also extremely well suited to those that need rehabilitation of injuries.

To book or for further information on this service contact us at performance@cuzzieperformance.com.au

Small Group Performance Coaching

Suitable for small groups who are keen to take their athletic performance to a new and improved level. Organise a small group of friends/teammates to train with and our athletic performance coach will work with you to tailor a program for each of your individual needs.

To book or for further information on this service contact us at performance@cuzzieperformance.com.au

Sports Team Performance Coaching

Suitable for sports teams that want to take their performance above and beyond that of their rivals. Our athletic performance coach will work with your team to design a program specific to your teams needs. This might be a one off session for the team to spice up training or it could be regular sessions at Cuzzie to get long term/ongoing performance benefits.

To book or for further information on this service contact us at performance@cuzzieperformance.com.au